Friday, August 12, 2011

Let's share

for this level state of my life and for thousand times I've felt this way. and now I can completely sum-up. Everything seems to bore me, like what a silly simple booo answer for all. but there is no things that would ever wow me anymore, even if I said 'wow' I don't really feel that I was just trying to express some sort of expression. brutal don't you think !? maybe not. Living like this is hella pretty and boring, like once they said God doesn't give the problem that you can't handle so be grateful be thankful and even the one with physically very imperfect one still fill with joys. but to make sure, this is happening because of broken heart/unreliable people around you/people who just use you when they needed and to cure merely with love, music, and travelling. what am I even typing? Don't ever think I've lost my sanity, not yet not now gtg, have fun !

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mind you ?

I'm not a g e n e r o u s because once you started to be bad, people know you as "hypocritical" type of guy no matter you did it unintentionally, and you'll end with nothing. But trust me, good people deserve something you will never expect.

must view !

too cantagious

Thursday, August 4, 2011

toasting self

quite cheering huh? Let's talking self. Hard to say but good bye for you, who is leaving for tomorrow. Let's hope everything the best would actually happen to you. Maybe not my chance, but next life perhaps :D JUST BE HAPPY !!!! yay

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

creepy face

I am screwed early in the morning, can you imagine you get mad this early. LORD !
and again, I have terrible sore :S gtg now bye

Monday, August 1, 2011

no lie !

Haven't forgotten how amazing he is. even when he sings acapella, it turns out hella good. You know what I was thinking, why I learned guitar and the reason we all had it here. but I may sound pretty slow but guitar is kinda hard. I learned guitar at one of the most famous course in Medan, no showing off no talk big or what but I realized, I play 5 months with nothing but merely stupid basic melody like hell-o people turn out brilliant in only 2-3 months, I quit and now one of my friends is lecturing me, no judge but I think it'll pop out a real great improvement. let's just try harder, shall we :D